Hi, my name is Valerii Proskurin and I’m an independent consultant and developer in the field of embedded systems with more than 10 years of professional experience in various applications (motor control, medical devices, security systems, industrial automation, etc.).

My services:

  • Consulting in the field of embedded hardware and/or firmware development.
  • Firmware development for microcontrollers from TI, ST, Atmel, Microchip, Espressif and other companies.
  • Software development for Windows (C#) or cross-platform(Python).
  • Custom tools development for industrial applications, automated hardware testing.
  • Further development or redesign of the existing products (extending functionality, cost reduction, etc).
  • Hardware development and rapid prototyping.

My portfolio includes (but not limited) following:

  • Automated measurement and test equipment for electronics production test.
  • HVAC automation systems (mostly Modbus controlled).
  • Smart metering systems (IoT power/energy meters).
  • USB enabled devices (game equipment, custom memory devices, USB<-> customized interface converters).
  • Video capture devices.
  • HMI (human-machine interfaces), including flexibly configurable UI engine for an easy customization (drag-n-drop UI building with massive remote update ability).
  • smart pellets ovens.

and many other projects.

Why do you need an embedded systems engineer?

There are two common scenarios that would lead you to look for an independent embedded systems engineer:

  1. You may be new to this and have zero in-house embedded engineers and little to no knowledge around embedded system design.
  2. You may have a dedicated in-house engineering team, but additional resources are required. These extra resources may be permanent, or you may have a new project that requires additional, yet temporary, assistance.