EasyVolts control commands description

Hi, in this post I’ll explain how EasyVolts is controlled by PC and which commands are available. To avoid any complicated drivers EasyVolts was made as a device that appears in PC as 2 virtual COM ports. One is used as USB-UART/RS485 converter and second controls all auxiliary functionality (GPIO pins, PWM, power supply) using simple textual commands in ASCII. Continue reading “EasyVolts control commands description”

Hello world!

This is the first record on the new site. From now on all news about EasyVolts will be posted here. My first crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo didn’t manage to get needed support due to bad media coverage. That’s why I’ve decided to create this website to build a community before trying to launch a new campaign. Here I will post videos about EasyVolts’ use cases, HowTo’s, publish software utils and code snippets.