EasyVolts rev3 is here!

Hi, I got samples of the latest version of the EasyVolts – rev3 version!


In this version, the max power that can be converted by the device was increased to 5W. It lets the device to work with USB2.0 hosts that can provide 1a or more (for example USB3.0 or high power USB2.0 hosts). Also, current measurement and overcurrent protection functionality were improved. I hope this revision is the final one so I did full testing and measured actual parameters of EasyVolts power converter. Here is the efficiency of the device at max output power for different output voltages with input power limited to 2.5W (normal USB2.0): EasyVolts_rev3_Efficiency

For 5W input power, we can get ~2 times more output power (but output current must be less than 1a). I hope EasyVolts will be available for purchase soon.



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